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The Wabisabi team combines the knowledge and experience of experts in marketing and monetization.

We have the experience and we specialize in monetization services by having access to premium offers and unique inventory, giving you higher income and higher profits.

We have helped build various brands and companies, taking them from zero to levels of excellence.


  • Global sales team covering most major countries
  • Our SSP connections will increase your revenue on all ad formats.
  • Integrated with the most effective DSP’s, Ad Networks, Trading Desks and Ad Exchanges

Reach Global Audiences on any of the devices you want.

We create the perfect link between advertisers and agencies with their target audience to achieve the best results with total transparency and control.

Become our Best Advertiser.

Reach real users who will enjoy your Ads and increase your earnings.

Connect with us to:

  • Get full access to high-quality supply from around the world from different environments: desktop, in-app, connected tv (CTV / OTT), and mobile web.
  • We offer multiple fraud prevention solutions (WhiteOps, IAS, MOAT, Forensiq, Protected Media y Pixalate)
  • Pay for results that elevate your business and receive 24/7 support from dedicated executives to achieve remarkable results.

Join the best ad network for publishers!

Become our Lifetime Media Partner and get dedicated help to increase your income. Increase monetization and efficiency across desktops, mobile devices, and CTV / OTT

We monetize all type of traffic. Access premium content to increase your video inventory, direct sales, and distribution channels to generate more audience. We promote monetization on all devices and digital format.

Traffic from Mobile Websites, Desktop or Mobile Applications
Do you have a news, games or entertainment website, or a blog? Then you might have thought about earning from online advertising.
Mobile application developers will also be able to monetize their inventory, since we are very rigorous when determining the segments and audience of each App so that we can show the best Ads for each audience.

Join Wabisabi, the trusted ad network for publishers, and enjoy high CPMs like other webmasters and developers already do.

Our work doesn’t end there; we have the best specialists who will help you:

  • Analyze and optimize.
  • Deliver compelling KPIs.
  • Increase Revenue and Profitability.

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Unique Inventories

Access to unique, real-time inventory of premium publishers and content creators on all devices.


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